Sunday, 31 July 2011

Words With Friends Free


Play the free version of Words With Friends -- the game more of your friends are playing than any other word game!

Experience for yourself why more than 20 million people are addicted to the word building, triple score seeking, chat bubble sending goodness of Words With Friends

• Simple and familiar gameplay you know and love

• Turn-based design lets you play up to 20 games simultaneously

• Play with your friends or match-make instantly with a random opponent

• Connect to Facebook to find even more of your friends to play

• Stay in touch with friends and family with in-game chat messaging

• Push notifications tell you when it’s your turn

• Access your games across your iPhone, iPad and/or iPod touch
I would rate this 4 out 5!


use your iPhone/iPod accelometer to dodge arrows and cannon balls.Survive until his girl friend throws an item!Get the item and fly to the next stage. This game has great graphics;wouldnt spend 0.99$ on in it but its NOW BECOME FREE.

Friday, 29 July 2011


If you are a follower of a great footall club like manchester utd and you are constantly trying to find the latest transfer gossip and footballing news? this is the app you want. it shows a wide range of football gossip not just news that involves MUFC but other teams around the world. you can also join debates and conversation around the world about the latest top stories and if you install this FREE app you will be constantly updated and up to scratch on your footballing knowledge. worth installing if your a MAnchester United Fan or a football fanatic.

Sky Go

Almost created as a sequel to a previous app created by sky which allows you to stream live sporting events that are being broadcasted on the skyports channels sky sports 1, 2, 3, 4 and sky sports news,  sky news, ESPN and 4 sky movies channels.wherever and whenever you want. it only requires a couple of bars of signal and possibly a better experience with a 3G phone/ipod .As you can see from the video we have posted it shows no lag and is in high quality which gives you that extra great experience. considering its free it is an excellent application to download and as a personal rating, the best app i have downloaded yet.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Water Slide 2

from the makers of waterpark extreme this app is going to be very hard to live up to orignal game. waterpark extreme has had over 24 MILLION downloads. Whist you torpedo your way through a gigantic, city-wide waterslide, skimming around hairpin corners and rocketing down the massive drops at toe-curling speed. Collect the pearls and avoid the aquatic adversaries as you race toward the finish. I personal think this game is very addicting some i am go to give it a 4 out 5 rating.

•Thirty brand new levels with four atmospheric light settings.
•Three distinctive playable characters: male, female and… penguin?!
•Full OpenFeint and Game Center integration for high scores and 14 achievements.
•New items: Inner Tube, Vortex, Bomb and Invulnerability.
•New obstacles: Crab, Squid, Algae and Jellyfish.
•Adjustable camera view.
•Revised scoring system.
•High-performance audio.
•iPhone-optimized tilt, touch and shake controls.

its your 0.69 pence well spent

New Tiki Jump app

Tiki jump is based on the same concept as doodle jump, it may be harsh for me to compare to a game of such success however it is hard to avoid as they share similiar features. the problem is with this game, is that it requires little skill and doesnt have the same appeal as a game like doodle jump simply because of its extremely one dimentional game play. Despite this review seeming negative i recommend you buy this game if you are looking to be amused for hours as it is  a great game to have for long haul journeys and the more you play the more competetive you become to beat your highscore and consequently you find yourfself being amused for hours. hotfix is comming soon! There working really hard to make sure it comes out in the few next days! :) we hope this game becomes a success.

A major update should be available in 1-2 months i hope you enjoy this game.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

ZombieRunnerz Lite


ZombieRunnerz Lite icon

App Description

"Zombies were re-born to run."
"Good graphics; good controls; lots of gore; zombie rage"
- slideToPlay (3+/4)

You are a zombie who just escaped from the medical experiment.
Run for survival!!
Avoid or use all the obstacles!
Can you survive?

*** How to play ***

- Move the character up and down using the upper and lower tilt or drag.
- You can jump if you touch the screen.
- Basically use tilt or drag operation and jump operation to pass the obstacles.
- If the speed gauge is full, it changes to rage state and can infect the human unit to a zombie.
- You can choose a type of control. (TILT/DRAG)

*** Highlights ***

- It's easy to control in any position (You can lie down and play!)
- 60FPS speedy game!
- Exciting rides!
- Deliberately designed stages arcade game mode!!
- Ranking system by stage and mode (global, friends, local ranking)
- Achievement system
3 out of 5

Stick Cricket

what an app, cant get enough of it so edicting really recommend this is really good. rate it 5 out of 5

Sunday, 24 July 2011


WhatsApps 0.69p

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform smartphone messenger currently available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones. The application utilizes push notifications to instantly get messages from friends, colleagues and family. Switch from SMS to exchange messages, pictures, audio notes and video messages with WhatsApp users at no cost. All features are included without the need for extra in-application purchases.

 tiny wings 0.69p

You have always dreamed of flying - but your wings are tiny. Luckily the world is full of beatiful hills. Use the hills as jumps - slide down, flap your wings and fly! At least for a moment - until this annoying gravity brings you back down to earth. But the next hill is waiting for you already. Watch out for the night and fly as fast as you can. Otherwise flying will only be a dream once again.

- simple but skillfull "one button" (ok... maybe "one touch") arcade game about the dream of flying
- the world is changing every day - so it does in this game! Procedural generated graphics will make "tiny wings" look different every day you play
- upgrade your nest by fulfilling tasks
- every big jump over the ocean will bring you to new adventures on a new island
- Game Center and OpenFeint enabled with 30 tricky achievements
- cloudtouches for everyone

flight control 0.69 p
Flight Control is a must-have App Store classic. It's the incredibly simple, yet insanely addictive worldwide #1 game from Firemint that invented the "line drawing" genre. Over 3,000,000 copies sold – don’t miss out, play all five unique maps in the original and best today!

Touch Hockey

Play against your friends over Bluetooth and WiFi! Touch Hockey outclasses every air hockey game available on the iPhone and iPod touch with the fastest animations possible!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Angry Birds

Cost 0.69p
  • Excellent graphics and physics engine
  • More than 200 levels
  • Fun!
  • Can become quite addictive!

 10 intresting facts about angry birds
  1. Angry Birds was made by a team of four people and took eight months to finish because it was such a low priority for the company.
  2. The game cost less than £70,000 to make.
  3. Angry Birds fans include public figures as diverse as David Cameron, Paul Gascoigne, Kylie Minogue, Conan O’Brien and Jon Hamm, Mad Men’s Don Draper.
  4. It has sold more than seven million copies on Apple’s iPhone.
  5. An angry birds Facebook game is coming in 2011.
  6. Rovio Mobile developed more than 50 games, with relatively little success, before finally striking gold with Angry Birds.
  7. The Angry Birds beta for Android hit more than one million downloads in three weeks.
  8. Twenty different Angry Birds toys will be released early in 2011.
  9. Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio's official spokesman, has the job title 'Mighty Eagle’.
  10. Speaking of unusual titles, one of Rovio's game testers was nicknamed the 'Rovio Killer' because he was so bad at their games.


Stickman BMX Free - The long awaited sequel to the smash hit game 'Stickman Skater' is finally here! Our hero Stickson returns in the latest installment to test his skills on a street BMX bike. Do you have what it takes to survive the wide variety of terrain including forests, cities, oil refineries and the ultimate test that is living hell!

Simple to pick-up-and-play with plenty of depth to keep the avid gamer entertained for hours.

Features Include:

* 60 Fast paced scrolling levels packed full of excitement.
* Wonderfully detailed locations with interactive obstacles and inhabitants.
* Hundreds of combinations of real BMX tricks.
* Hidden paths and routes in all levels to explore.
* Completely re-engineered physics engine.
* Gamecenter leaderboards and achievements.
* In-app purchase: Race the Ace - Race against the computer in 30 all new levels.
* In-app purchase: Skateboard - Skate fans can now choose to ride a skateboard instead of BMX in all levels of the game.